Sundae Maker

Make your own ice cream!


This Sundae Maker machine lets you make healthier, homemade ice cream right from your kitchen. You control the ingredients, it could go from organic, sugar free, fresh fruit, and all kind of natural ingredients, making it better for you and your family to enjoy.

This can be very useful over the summer time when it's boiling hot outside, or when you are craving ice cream and its late at night, when everything is close. 

This machine helps you make ice cream in the easiest way possible!


  1. Large capacity
  2. Efficient mixing
  3. Food grade material APP
  4. Security and easy to clean
  5. Special star mold
  6. Humanized design


  • Power (W): 151-200W
  • Capacity: 500-1000ml (16.9*33.8 ounches)

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