Decorous Chest

What to give your kitchen that sophisticated look?


With the Decorous Chest you can achieve that look very easy, not only will your kitchen look splendid but it will also help you tidying up your space.

These container were design with lids that fit perfectly, are tight and are reliable.

The monochromatic material is simple but stylish. The seal is good and there is no concern about the damaging of the seasoning.


  • Each small box comes with a small spoon that makes it easier to measure at any time.
  • Moisture resistant, for a better product longevity.

Our mini jars are perfect for:

  • Different spices
  • Reserves
  • Dry contents
  • Home made marmalade
  • Chutney & jam.
  • Ideal too for small candies or treats.

The multi purpose Decorous Chest storage can be use for work, travel, picnics and storing or freezing food




Handy little reusable boxes to organize the kitchen or office in an elegant style.


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