Dangling Star Buds

Never lose your expensive Airpods again.


The Dangling Star Buds are earings you can wear while listening to music on your Airpods. The Earnings were design to hold the weight of the pods without them coming out. They have a great gripe, for both ears and pods. 


  • Made of strong metal alloy which is a good choice of material, no nickel free lead, low allergic reaction.
  • The ends of the earrings can tightly hold your Airpods and prevent them from falling.
  • Shining lightweight chain.
  • Looks Gorgeous for wearing and suitable for any occasions you want.

Both men and women can wear it. 



  • Product size: 10.5x1cm
  • Color: (optional) Silver / Gold
  • Main material: Metal Alloy


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