Cuisine Capsule

Keep Your Dry Food Fresh By Keeping It In This stainless Steal Cuisine Capsule


Our stylish Cuisine Capsule and glass canister will keep your food fresh, while looking great on any kitchen counter top.


  • The stainless steel storage jar features built-in lead-free glass material, with a stainless steel cover on the outside with a strong and durable layer of protection.
  • It features good sealing and can store various foods.
  • It is moisture-proof
  • Features a large range capacity from 600 ML, 1800 ML, 2600 ML, and 3600 M.
  •  Storage tank has a small plastic visual window, humanized design, easy to see the things placed in the tank, no need to bother on opening the jar.
  • The anti-skid base is more stable with the black rubber clamping design of the storage jars. 
  • The screw-on mechanism ensures an airtight seal which will prevent air from entering, protecting the hermetic seal of the jar.
  • Airtight Cuisine Capsule not only protects the contents from insects and moisture, but it also ensures they remain fresh for a long time.


Our canister is great for storing pantry staples such as pasta, flour, sugar, coffee, cereal, beans, rice, and other food items, or can be used as a convenient container for other everyday household items.

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