Crescent Wireless Charger

Transform Your Desktop With The Crescent Wireless Charger


Make a bold statement with this lamp, is very sleek, stylish, minimal and contemporary looking, it truly is unique! The whole lamp is made from nothing except from solid wood and aluminium, a lovely combination of 2 materials.

The neck/body of the lamp is very thin and sleek looking, but it is also a very bright and practical lamp with built in leds that are very well hidden. Not only does it look nice and slick but it also works as a wireless charger.


  • Dimmable
  • Mood Settings
  • Multi Effects 
  • Colour Output: White (Warm white, Neutral White & Cool White)
  • Wireless Charger

The leds really do give off a good amount of light making this a very practical and useful lamp and all with no light bulbs/lamps to replace ever!! 

Plug Type: US Plug

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