Cozy Snuggable Hoodie

Enjoy that delicious hot chocolate next to your chimney all cuddled up with your Cozy Snuggable Hoodie. 

The hoodie is so thick and comfortable, it will instantly give you that feeling of warm and relaxation. 

Cozy Snuggable Hoodie is perfect for:

  • Traveling, we all know it get pretty cold in the airplanes
  • Up the mountains in chilly weather. 
  • A lazy day inside the house watching movies
  • Those days were you just want to stay in pajamas all day 
  • Holidays, you can even wear it for Christmas dinner
  • For anyone that's not going to like winter!


  • It's made out of high quality material and its thickness is made specifically for cold winter. 
  • The high quality hoodie weights about 1.3 kg
  • Made of ultra-soft fleece and lined with warming
  • Roomy enough to cover you from head to toe
  • Extra large hood keeps your head comfy and warm
  • Big, roomy pocket to keep what you need right at hand
  • Reversible 
  • Machine washable