Cosmetic Crystalline

Are You Tired Of Wasting Time Digging Through Drawers Looking For Your Cosmetics?
Do You Want Instant Access To Any Of Your Makeup Products?

This 360° rotating Cosmetic Crystalline organizer is the ideal gift for you.
The Cosmetic Crystalline is a 360 ° rotating Cosmetic organizer, with a steady square base, that rotates smoothly, making it easy to find what you need. It contains 5 adjustable layers and 4-pack trays.


  • You can adjust your makeup organizer according to the size of the cosmetics.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble by following the instruction.
  • The stain can be easily wiped with a towel. It won’t discolor over time due to high- quality acrylic.
  • The makeup organizer holds 20 brushes, 30 bottles of skincare products, 10 bottles of perfume.
  • Elegant and chic exterior, clear acrylic creates a visually appealing display that coordinates with any style or existing decor.
Great gift for any girl, teen, adult, beauty guru, fashionable person, and a makeup lover.


  1. Insert one of the 2 partitions into the base plate
  2. Insert the other partition into the base plate
  3. Tie the rubber bands around the 4 projecting pegs for solidity
  4. Insert the roof into the partition
  5. Insert the 4 trays into the partition slots of your choice
  6. Tie the rubber bands around the 4 upper pegs as before

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