Boscage Ladle


Cook dinner in style, with the new Boscage Ladle utensils you can enjoy it and feel great using them. 

Our organic wood cooking utensils have an incredibly sleek surface and a great handhold feeling. You will definitely find no dents, small gaps or splinters from our kitchen cooking utensils!

Gorgeous teak wood grain ensures that each wooden spatula is uniquely beautiful. The best wood kitchen utensils can escort the health of your family. Our kitchen utensil set for high heat sauteing, baking, mixing, flipping, and of course, serving your masterpieces literally hundreds of uses in your home and kitchen!

The Boscage Ladle teak wooden spoons are perfect for use with nonstick cookware, and the wooden spoons for cooking contoured lines provide comfortable hand feel. Our wood cooking utensils prevents from scratching expensive non-stick pots and pans!

Hand washing is recommended to preserve the Boscage Ladle hangable wooden cooking spoons, and the kitchen utensil wood set has large, comfortable handle for beautiful display and convenient storage. The wooden spatula sets are stored easily in drawers or hang up and air dry. The wooden cooking utensils are uniquely grained, so this isn’t just a cooking utensil, it's a work of craft and art.