Astrology Galaxy Lamp

Wouldn't it be nice, to just walk into a room and all you see is the stars?

Imagine how peaceful it must feel to go to sleep looking up at the sealing, feeling like you are up on a mountain somewhere just relaxing in the grass looking at the sky. 

Well now there's no need to go up the mountain or sleep outside in the cold. You can now enjoy watching the galaxy from the comfort of your bed.

This Astrology Galaxy Lamp has a 12-face side that projects stars, comets and other star alignments, all to create this romantic space atmosphere feel with peace and tranquility for your bedroom. 


  • Has a variety of LED colors like yellow, white, blue and a mixture of colors, which can reflect a magical, quiet and beautiful environment.
  • Easy to install, the folding plastic lampshade enhances the safety of light projection and transmission.
  • Easy to charge and use. The product includes a USB cable, and can be charged through any USB plug connection.

This Astrology Galaxy Lamp will be the perfect gift, for Christmas, Birthdays, school show

You can used it in:

  • A family's room
  • Bedroom
  • Children's room
  • Decoration
  • Living room
  • Birthday parties
  • School's Talent show


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