Alloy Laptop Stand

Fix your posture and free your back from stiffness. 


The Alloy Laptop Stand holder works as a raiser to elevate the laptop screen to your eye level, preventing bad back posture. 

Is perfect for people that work long hours in the computer and are constantly slouching in their chairs. 

You might not pay much attention to how you stand and sit, but it can make a big difference to your posture. 

The benefits of a good posture include:

  • Improved balance. Having better balance not only lowers your risk of falls, it can also improve your athletic ability.
  • Less back pain. Good posture puts less stress and tension on the disks and vertebra in your spine.
  • Lower risk of injury. Moving, standing, and sitting correctly reduces the strain on your muscles, joints, and ligaments.
  • Less fatigue. When your muscles are used more efficiently, it can help conserve your energy.
  • Fewer headaches. Poor posture can put extra strain on your neck, which can lead to tension headaches.
  • Improved breathing. Good posture allows your lungs to expand more fully, allowing you to breathe easier.
  • Better circulation. When your vital organs aren’t compressed by slouching, it can help your blood to flow more easily through your blood vessels and organs.

The rod connecting with base rotates 360 degree, enable you swivel the laptop to any angle you want.

Made of premium alloy, the notebook stand is quite sturdy and has a smooth edge that protects you from being scratched. With rubber pads on the top surface and front lip, holds your laptop stable in place. 

The rubber pads raise your laptop a little bit more, enabling the heat to vent and keep the computer from overheating. Your laptop will also look cool on the stand.

The adjustable laptop stand is suitable for many occasions. You can use it in your living room and bedroom to watch video and online lessons. It can also be used for meetings and negotiations in your office.

How to adjust:

  1. Loosen the retaining ring 
  2. Tighten after adjusting the height




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